Thursday, February 10, 2011

Protection Line

The cliv IV protection line of skincare protects skin both internally and externally from factors that bring about premature aging and skin damage while covering blemishes in a completely natural way.

Protection Line

1- Active Sunblock 35 is a skin friendly and easy absorbed sun block that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays while moisturizes and refreshes the skin for a radiant look.
2- Mediprotect Balm is a soothing cream that regulates sebum and moisture level in skin while moisturizing and protecting it.
3- Mediclear Balm is a soothing balm for post treatment of laser or chemical peels for the skin.

Medicare Line

1- Golden Ball Healer care for various problems around the eye with platinum and new ingrididents,which also increase with golden ball massage and create healthy eye.
2- Snail Recover Healer is a new concept of skincare product which includes snail extracts,ingridients for new skin restoration,and peptide that helps to restore the skin texture of dull and dark skin.
3- 3X Laser Ampoule contains adenosine,a concentrated wrinkle improving subtance,forbax which is effective in pore tightening and gold powder that helps to restore the skin balance.
4- 3X Laser Mask is a wrinkle improving function certified lifting mask.

Active Resurgence Line

1- Active Resurgence Cream gives a healthy,beautiful glow to aging,tired and dry skin.
2- Active Resurgence Serum incoporates vital plant extracts and powerful anti inflammation compounds to nourish,repairs and protects sensetive skin.
3- Active Resurgence Eye Cream reverse and repairs the sign of aging around the most obvious part of the face the skin around the eye.

Pigmentation Line

1- C10 Serum has been formulated to effectively deliver vital nutrients deep into skin tissue via easy absorption by the skin.The products contains pure vitamin C that has been stabilized with bio-polymer complex to ensure efficacy.
2- Revitalizing C Serum eliminates the origin of imperfections with ample botanical whitening ingridients and provides intensive brigtening care for dull skin.
3- Revitalizing C Cream is a soothing cream that has whitening effect.Its vitamin and botanical ingridients will brighten up uneven skin tone.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mediclear Blemish Line

1- Mediclear Serum is a fast acting serum that incorporates willow bark extract and soluble sulphur,both of which are proven compounds to remove excess sebum and control moisture levels in the skin.
2- Blemish Ampoule is an ampoule with antbacterical care.It contains hypo-allergic extracts that helps to control sebum production,soothes trobled and sensetive skin.
     -Pore Deep Solution contains three botanical ingredients .It removes deep layer of dead cells and blackheads.
     -Pore Control Mask includes effective ingredients that soothes the pores,as well as tightening the pores size.
     -Pore Calming Ampoule includes various botanical moisturizing to provide intensive hydration and nutrients to the skin.

Hydrating & Soothing Line

1- Ultra Hydra Gel soothes, freshes and calms irritated and sensetive skin after peeling,laser and ipl treatments with intense, long lasting moisturising action.
2- Ultra Hydra Serum uses a carefully formulated combination of hyluronic acid,vitamin B5,portulaca oleracea extracs and other special selected compounds to hydrate and provide rapid relief to dry and sensetive skin.
3- Ultra Hydra Cream is a deep penetrating cream that nourishes hydrates and revitalize s tired ,dehydrated skin.
4- Hydroderm Aloe Gel is a versatile gel that provides immediate soothing relief for sun burnt or dry skin.It can also applied as a deep moisturizing gel for sensetive and dry skin.